Barges Running Aground At Lewiston As Dredging Controversy Drags On

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and local port officials describe dredging as an urgent need at Idaho's only seaport. Critics call it a boondoggle and a setback to salmon and lamprey recovery. Full Story »

5 Ways To Reduce Your Thanksgiving Food Waste

by Cassandra Profita

You might think you're going to eat all that Thanksgiving turkey. But experts say Americans will throw out more than a third of the turkey meat we bought for the holiday. It doesn't have to be that way.

BLM Reverses Decision To Permit Wolf And Coyote Hunting Derby In Idaho

by Jessica Robinson

Federal land managers are rescinding a permit that would have allowed a competition to hunt wolves and coyotes in Idaho.

From Macklemore To Chief Seattle’s Descendant, Many Are Eager For Duwamish River Cleanup

by Ashley Ahearn

The EPA will soon announce a final plan for spending hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up Seattle’s polluted Duwamish River. How clean is clean? That question is at the crux of the debate over spending and strategy.

Protecting Northwest Forests As Bigger Wildfires Burn Longer

by Courtney Flatt

This summer, the Carlton Complex wildfire swept through central Washington’s Methow Valley, consuming more acres than any other fire in the state’s history. Now, ecologists are trying to prevent these large-scale fires.

3 Ways Northwest Companies Are Turning Food Waste Into Energy

by Katie Campbell, Cassandra Profita

A pile of food waste can make rich compost for the garden. But some Northwest companies are going beyond composting and turning it into energy to power homes, race cars and city buses. Part three in our series: What A Waste.

What Climate Change Means For A Land Of Glaciers

by Ashley Ahearn

Glaciers set the Northwest apart. They're like money in the bank for the region when it comes to drinking water, hydropower, and salmon survival. And they make the Northwest uniquely vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Scientists Solve Mystery Of West Coast Starfish Die-Off

by Katie Campbell

After months of research, scientists have identified the pathogen at the heart of the starfish wasting disease that’s been killing starfish by the millions along the Pacific shores of North America.

Northwest Cities Show Food Waste Isn’t A Total Loss

by Cassandra Profita

Wasting food has drawbacks for people's pocketbooks and the environment. But across the country, cities and companies are finding food waste can be a valuable source of fertilizer, electricity and fuel. Part 1 in our series: What A Waste.

Wash. Governor Ready For New Push To Put A Price On Carbon

by Ashley Ahearn

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee takes the handoff for his latest run at putting a price on carbon emissions in his state.

Southern Oregon University Wants To Lead Pacific Northwest in Campus Biomass

by Jes Burns

As campuses across the country attempt to shrink their carbon footprints, Southern Oregon University wants to leap forward with a new biomass plant. Some neighbors less than thrilled with the idea of burning wood to generate power.

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