How To Kill An Invasive Plant On The Metolius River

You have probably seen ribbon grass before. It’s a pretty, ornamental plant. It may even be in your yard. But ribbon grass is invasive in the Northwest, and it’s choking one of Oregon’s most pristine waterways. Full Story »

Oregon On Track To Begin Wolf Delisting Process

by Cassandra Profita

If Eastern Oregon's current wolf population trends continue, the state can relax protections and consider removing the species from its endangered list next year.

Is Alaska Safe For Sea Stars?

by Katie Campbell

A deadly disease has been wiping out West Coast starfish for more than a year. One place that has held off the disease the longest is Alaska. Researchers recently traveled there to search for new clues.

Seattle’s Great Northern Tunnel Turns 110

by Ashley Ahearn

A historian looks back on a 110-year-old feat of engineering in the heart of the city.

Illegal Pot Farms Are Poisoning This Furry Animal

by Tony Schick

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed endangered species protection for the West Coast population of the fisher, a relative of the weasel. It faces a combination of new and old threats.

Bats May Mistake Wind Turbines For Trees, Study Warns

by Courtney Flatt

An unprecedented number of bats are being killed by wind turbine blades. A new report has found bats may be mistaking wind turbines for trees.

Will The California Condor Put Lead Bullets On The Endangered Ammo List?

by Alexi Horowitz

As hunting season begins across the Pacific Northwest, Oregon conservationists and state agencies are taking a new look at the issue of lead ammunition and its effects on wildlife.

Oil Spill Task Force Braces For More Crude By Rail

by Cassandra Profita

A regional oil spill task force met in Portland Wednesday to discuss the risks of crude oil traveling by rail.

Fish Are Relocating Toward The Poles To Avoid Warming Waters

by Ashley Ahearn

A new study confirms what some fishermen in the Northwest already know: warmer waters are changing where fish hang out.

Landslide Safety All Over The Map In Washington

by John Ryan, Tony Schick

Washington's Snohomish County took criticism last spring for allowing homes beneath the Oso landslide hazard. Would the state's other counties have done it differently? A KUOW-EarthFix investigation finds that local rules leave some communities with much smaller safety margins than others.

Proposed Oregon Nickel Mine Fails To Secure Key Permit

by Jes Burns

Oregon regulators have denied one of the many permits required before a UK-based mining company can move ahead with its planned nickel mine in southern Oregon.

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